Thursday, July 11, 2019

So Happy For Juan Pablo Di Pace

The Totes Adorbs International Actor, Juan Pablo Di Pace. 
Now the gossip about the gorgeous International, hunk of man, actor, Juan Pablo Di Pace, coming out of the closet is wonderful news for many of us.  Trust me.  I am not mad at all.  In our brief 8 minutes together, I was so flustered, because chile, he's HAWT! He looks right into your eyes as he speaks to you with that Argentinian accent.  It is almost impossible to handle all of that with any kind of grace, especially when you are not prepared for all of that hotness wrapped in kindness.  At the time, I chose not to get all in his business, because honestly, it is none of my business.  Although, our mutual love of Chita Rivera should have been my clue, but I let it slide as Latin Pride.  Yes, I can totally see him in a revival of Kiss Of The Spiderwoman.   In any case, he is delightful. So, I hope that whatever prompted him to public ownership of himself was rooted in positivity.  I also hope that the industry lets him continue to be a commercially successful artist, and he gets to use his platform to make this world a little brighter.  Bienvenidos a La Familia, Juan!!!
Juan Pablo Di Pace at Fenstein's 54 Below. 
My 8 minutes of Heaven with Juan Pablo Di Pace.

Check out his Ted Talk, too. 

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

To The Actors and Creative Team of Camp Morning Wood

To the Cast and Creatives of Camp Morning Wood,

I hope that you know that my earnest conversations with you fab guys has been very popular on my podcast. I believe it is because after the tittering and kiki about the camp factor of your show, we also talked about what was absolutely genuine, brave, and wonderful about your show.  Sometimes, grabbing for low hanging fruit is just easy.  Obviously, he did not try to talk to any of you before seeing the show, because that would have given him a better perspective, instead of reaching for snark.  Remember that unfortunate moment of shadiness is going to haunt him a lot longer than it will bother you.  Heads up, teets out, and keep stepping, cuz huntys, ain't nobody got time for that.  I adore you all.