Saturday, September 29, 2018

Coming Out Comedically Helps It Get Better

From L to R- Me, Michael Brill, David Hodorowski, Brandi Rowell, Kelsey Bailey, and Host/Creator of CLOSET CASES, Shawn Hollenbach  (PHOTO CREDIT- WILLIAM MULLIN)

Recently, I got a chance as a comedian to talk about my coming out experience in a great show called CLOSET CASES.  It was at the historic Stonewall Inn, where it all went down for the modern Gay movement.  As I remember the more ridiculous moments of my life, it does offer the question. "how did I not know?"  In any case, please enjoy a few of my more "questionable" moments.

The Power of Goldie Hawn

West Side Story was a game changer.  Getting to meet the EGOT Winner and Latina Mami, Rita Moreno, was EVERYTHING.


No one will deny the power of Wonder Woman when you are trying to figure out who you really are to become.  No one can prepare you for meeting Lynda Carter.  You Just go with it.  
Thank you Shawn Hollenbach and all of the fabulous folks of Closet Cases for a good time.  Stay tuned for an upcoming podcast with Shawn, too.

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Getting the HOLY GHOSTS with Theatre East's Judson Jones and Tom Green.

A theater conversation that begins with notable Austin, Texas food favorites may seem a weird way to introduce a revival of Romulus Linney's HOLY GHOSTS, but somehow, I manage to make it happen with Theatre East's Artistic Director, Judson Jones, along with fellow actor Tom Green. These Artistic Texas transplants sit and chat with me about the show, their transplanted lives, and much more. Enjoy my conversation with these fantastic men. 

If you happen to be in Austin, then you have to got to either Hyde Park Bar and Grill , El Mercado or Kerbey Lane Cafe. Please do it for me.  I miss them so much. LOL.