Thursday, November 29, 2018

Melissa Errico Makes Sondheim Sublime, Baby!!

Sondheim Sublime
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The ab fab Tony Award Nominee,  Melissa Errico
At Hangar Studios with Tony Award Nominee, Melissa Errico

I have waited for a LONG time to get a chance to talk to Tony Award Nominee, Melissa Errico,  in a studio when we can have more than a 10 minute window.  Her latest CD, SONDHEIM SUBLIME, is being hailed as a new innovative interpretation of Stephen Sondheim's musical catalog.    We sit and talk about this new project along with her life and career.  Take some time and enjoy my conversation with this fabulous artist.

Sunday, November 11, 2018


My friend, fellow comedian, actor, podcaster, Adam Sank, finally sits down with me to have our heart to heart conversation about being comedians/humans in the struggle of life.  Of course, as I embark on relaunching my spotlight on comedians, Lavender Laugh Lounge, because comedians are also actors, monologuists, and writers, too,  I was stunned that he actually plans on leaving the world and the business of comedy.  However, as a consolation, I will be there to host, toast, and possibly roast Mr. Sank, on the evenings that he will say goodbye to comedy.  Please enjoy my conversation with my friend, Adam, and try to catch him November 28th and 29th at Stonewall Inn.

CLICK HERE for tickets to the remaining seats.

Please enjoy my conversation with Mr. Adam Sank, aka Cher, Barbra, as he says goodbye.

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