Monday, July 31, 2017

Chesney Snow's The Unwritten Law Will Make You Think About Your Own Life

I have the privilege of talking to so many people about their lives, their work, and so much more, and every now and then, you will hear a story of someone's life and be filled with so many emotions.  In Chesney Snow's THE UNWRITTEN LAW, Award winning actor, world class beat boxer, playwright, relives some of those painful stories that he shared with me in our interview at Dixon Place.  To hear them again, with even more details complemented with music, dance and projections, takes this dramatic performance art piece to the next level.  I got the chance to talk to Chesney when he first workshopped it back in January while interviewing him during his stint in Broadway's IN TRANSIT.  Click HERE to hear that interview. He spoke a lot about life before performing.  To say that my mouth was agape during our conversation, is an understatement.

Mr. Snow's life journey is truly one of those that needs to be highlighted.  Some might think simplistically about the piece, saying things like "it's the make lemonade out of life's lemons",  or "finding some sense of freedom through the arts",  or even "the struggles of black men, women, and their families", but there is sooooooo much more to it. The people and places that Mr. Snow introduces his audience in this piece reveal the painful journey of his family,  through some of America's more chaotic times when it came to race relations.  Not to give anything away, but because of the turbulent times in Chesney's family history, the title of the show is born.  He even dedicates this show to his grandmother, GG, and his cousin B Fresh. Trust me.  The show will explain why there is such reverence.

Serving "Cat Daddy" Realness with a view: Chesney Snow

Director and choreographer, Rebecca Arends, uses her history of dance to not only augment Chesney's words, but in my opinion, it also helps to enhance the sting of the actual events that he recalls.  Dancer, Winston Dynamite Brown, embodies many of the males in the playwright's history with brilliant physical movement.  A.J. Shaw and Varuni Tiruchelvam add the musical elements with piano and cello elegantly.  Of course, no show with world renowned Human Beat Boxer, Chesney Snow can be complete without dropping a few beats.

Chesney Snow- Dashing Mentor for Rosie's Kids PASSING IT ON 

For the theater fans of large spectacles, or the occasional once or twice a year visit, this might not be the show for you, unless you want to be challenged.  It will require you to be engaged in a way that something like Hello Dolly does not, and as the kids say, "No Tea. No Shade." However, if you are the avid and adventurous theater goer, especially those that see the beauty in performance art, then this show is absolutely something to be included in your theater going cannon.  There are 4 Sunday/Monday performances left.  Click here for more ticket information, and to hear my most recent conversation with Chesney Snow, click HERE. Continue to support live theater wherever you are.

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Sunday, July 23, 2017


Whenever I get a call about covering a new show, I never expect to be told, "and by the way, the guy writing the music and lyrics is an actual rockstar!" However, when I was told that I would not only get to the chance to talk to the founder and the executive director of New York Rep Theater Company, Gayle Waxenberg, the cast right before they took to the stage to present some of the music of A WALL APART, and the rockstar musician and lyricist,  Lord Graham Russell, of hit 80's rock band, Air Supply, I actually got a little verklempt.

Now some of you can understand how someone in my age range would be extremely excited to chat with someone whose music is truly a part of the soundtrack of his life. For others, the chance to talk about a new musical, as it is making its way from the pages to the stages, is always a treat.  A World Apart is an original rock musical about a 30-year love story set against the backdrop of the Berlin Wall, and this epic story examines three generations of family ties, brotherhood, love, and marriage. It poses the question, "What is the price of liberty, and will the Wall divide or unite?"

Click HERE  to hear my conversations with everyone including, Lord Graham Russell.
A WALL APART will have its World Premiere at this year's New York Musical Festival, starting July 25-30th.  Click here for more information about tickets.

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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

KAREN PITTMAN: Award winning actress is back on the boards at Lincoln Center in Dominique Moriseau's PIPELINE.

Whenever I get a chance to talk to or spend time with Award Winning Actress of stage and screen, Karen Pittman, it turns into a fabulous time.  She is currently at Lincoln Center's Mitzi E. Newhouse Theater, in Dominique Morisseau's latest, conscious grabbing play, PIPELINE.  I love that newly produced plays are getting to tell stories to which more and more people can relate. This piece takes a look at something that is a trouble to not only our young people of color, but to all of our kids. Not being a parent,  I do not pretend to understand the complications and joy that being a parent brings, especially with this new generation of kids.  However, I was someone's son of color, growing up in Texas during the 70's,80's and 90's.  It wasn't all that fabulous on this side, either.

This play introduces a familiar conversation about race relations and our youth of color in this country.   What is so shocking is that we are still in a need to have them.  In any case, click HERE  and please enjoy my conversation with the amazing KAREN PITTMAN.

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Friday, July 7, 2017

Reactionary Art Has A Satirical And Political Parody Foundation

A few months ago, I saw this intense play, BUILDING THE WALL by Robert Schenkkan, after attending a press junket to introduce the cast and creatives.  read more about it HERE.  It is an example of how, as of late, artists channelling their anger into art. Mr. Schenkkan told me that it was after President Trump won, he just had to do something.  His sense of rebellion was so palpable and so serious. On the flipside,   I just recently saw a new production at the Triad entitled, Me The People: The Trump America Musical with  book and lyrics by NANCY HOLSON, musically directed and arranged by JAMES HIGGINS, produced by JIM RUSSEK, and directed by JAY FALZONE.  It has a wonderfully energetic cast featuring: AIESHA DUKESMITCHEL KAWASH, RICHARD SPITALETTA, AND MIA WEINBERGER.  This show uses pop music of different eras, with reworked lyrics by Nancy Holson, to reflect some of those same fears and ire that this current Presidential administration has seem to create for the more liberal minded thinkers.  It is still palpable, but somehow it also finds humor.  Certain topics like the potential of the Supreme Court nominees and their impact on the laws of our land, the "interesting" attachment that our current leader has with his Mara Lago hotel site,  a funny but interesting peek into Ivanka and Jared's roles in this new administration, as well as, the use of social media by the leader of a "first world" country, are all explored and lampooned.

Front Row L to R: Nancy Holson, Jim Russek, and Mia Weinberger. Back Row L to R: Mitchel Kawash, Aisha Dukes, James Higgins,  and Richard Spitaletta

Aiesha, Me, and Mitchel Kawash
Richard Spitaletta, Me, Mia Weinberger
Stop! In The Name of the U.S. Supreme Court
"Welcome to the Hotel Mara Lago" 

For many people seeing this piece will feel like a "preaching to the choir" moment with a fun selection of hymns.  For others, the mere mention of President Trump being placed in a position of being mocked, or as in the case of this year's PUBLIC THEATER Shakespeare in the Park production of  JULIUS CEASER, can make some supporters very angry.  Of course, these were people who have not read Julius Caeser, cliff notes or otherwise. If they read the piece, they would know that it is a commentary on power and politics.  The fact that some people are sometimes so ill informed and reactionary,  is one of my concerns when I talk with the cast and some of the creatives involve in this piece.

These young actors are singing and dancing their hearts out, and are very aware of the potential political ramifications of what they are doing.  The show ends on what some might find an objectionable tone if you are on the right side of center. Nothing as extreme as Kathy Griffin, but it might make someone bristle.  My feeling is, if Nancy and that cast continue to stick together through whatever comes their way, then we will all have to get over ourselves.  After seeing the show, I asked Nancy if she is prepared to stand by every lyric and I have to give it to her.  She is making it her mission to stay as connected to the news to continually update the show.  This means that if there is something insanely huge in the news, then the show will find a way to wedge it in the mix. The show does have an agreement that if President Trump is impeached, the show will close that night.  I predict there will be many more rewrites and additions before that happens, and if impeachment actually gets him, then I hope she has plans for the Mike Pence follow up.  God help us all.

Click HERE and enjoy my conversations with the cast and some of the creative team.  For more information about tickets and other information regarding Me The People,  click HERE
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Monday, July 3, 2017


Hey there, thank you so much for following my blog, podcast, comedy, and whatever shenanigans that I find myself bringing you guys along with me for the ride.  I recently spent a long weekend in Seattle.  I was asked to be an officiant for my dear friend, Lonnie, and his husband Eric's wedding.  I will admit that my nerves got me through something so beautiful and nerve-wracking all at the same time. Normally, I reserve the blog as a space to remind you of the current podcast, hopefully with some theater personalities, creatives, or technicians.  From time to time, I do reserve the right to change up the format a little, and I wanted to do it with this beautiful wedding. 

I have a very special connection to the great city of Seattle.  On April 17, 1993, my first visit,  I officially came out of the closet and began my journey into a brave new LGBTQIALMNOP world in Seattle.  The second visit to Seattle, was due to my friend and Groom 1, Lonnie, who directed the Award Winning Documentary, Ebony Chunky Love: Bitch Can't Get A Date!, featuring me.   We kicked off what was an AMAZING LGBT Film Festival Circuit in 2007.  It was another celebration of being out.  This last visit, proved to be the most significant one.  24 years since my first confused visit, I have returned not only as an officiant to a wedding of my dear friends, but also during Gay Pride Weekend.  It truly was a full circle, rule of 3's ( for my comic friends), kind of experience.  Like in other experiences, I made new friends, added to my chosen extended family, and for the first time ever that I could remember in a long time,  I was filled by nothing but love and joy.   If you want to see not only my other pics on social media, put #twodudessayido in your search.
Seattle's Famous Needle 
Pike Place Market
Me with the grooms minutes before the ceremony
Another Sister, Ms. Yvette.
The Kids, Jarod, Jonathan, and Clarissa with their new Guncle and Roastess with the Mostess, Stephanie McClung, aka Comedienne in Waiting.
Lonnie and I celebrating another milestone together as friends. 
First Dance Together
Showing some Pride in Seattle.

Rehearsal Dinner with Clarissa, Jarod, and momma,Yvette.

Clarissa does know it all!

Jonathan has no fears. He knows who he is, and it is not what YOU think.


If you want to witness the love or watch the post wedding fun, please watch the videos.  Please  also SUBSCRIBE FREE to KEITH PRICE'S CURTAIN CALL on Itunes and Google Play Music,  YOU TUBE and leave a review.