Friday, April 21, 2017

LENA HALL: Tony Award winning, Lena Hall on her latest project and more.

When hanging out with the super talented, uber busy, Tony Award winning, Grammy nominated actress and singer, Lena Hall, currently playing Pip in How To Transcend A Happy Marriage at the Mitzi Newhouse Theater in Lincoln Center, I learned a lot about this powerhouse vocalist. She is quite an accomplished young woman, who has paid her dues.  After our conversation, I felt as if I were about 15 years younger, she and I would have been total HS BFF's.

She talks about her new play, as well as, her legendary star turn as Hedwig, in the National Touring Company of  Hedwig and The Angry Inch.  She also talks a little about her process and the origins of that amazing voice, and some of the various music projects that she continues to do with her insane schedule.    CLICK HERE to hear my fun and fantastic chat with the amazing Ms. Lena Hall.

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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Birthday Broadway Pick Me Up

So, I woke up today to the realization that my 40's are officially OVER!!! As I mulled over the final year of my forties, I had to own that things are not exactly where I thought they would be.  In some moments of deep panic, I retreated to the 2 places that I love the most: the theater and the comedy stage.   Both have been the comfort that make 50 years of living manageable, and hopefully another 50 years to come.  I also have been asked when I need a Broadway Pick Me Up, what do I grab first.  It is a toss up of these in no particular order.   Elaine Stritch's rendition of "I'm Still Here" gets me every time.  This song belongs to her.  However, I do enjoy Betty Buckley's version, but even she admits that this song belongs to her dear friend.    Of course, when I need a 70's dip moment, I never tire of "But Alive" from APPLAUSE.  It's just too groovy to be real.  It certainly puts a kick in my step when I need to be reminded that sometimes "and this too shall pass", when things feel rocky.  Since I got the chance to thank Jerry Zaks for directing a musical with my theme song, I have not been right.  Patina Miller's version of "Fabulous, Baby!" from Sister Act, plays on a loop inside my head anyway, but sometimes I love having it actually playing in my ipod, too.  Please Enjoy.  And even though it is not originally a Broadway show tune, I cannot lie and say that I Will Survive has not been on a loop, too.  I love Diana Ross' version, and also visit Aretha Franklin's when you get a chance.   So if you find yourself in a little bit of a pickle, consider these my Broadway Pick Me Ups, to get you through the day.  I have more, and they will be coming.  Thank you for the Birthday Love.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Betty Buckley is Back and Better Than Ever

Somedays when you do this kind of thing, you get the fortune of connecting with really great people whose work you may have admired or somehow has influenced you.  I have been blessed to have that connection with the Tony Award winning, Grammy Award nominee, Betty Buckley.  I first met Ms. Betty Lynn, when she was on a CD promotional tour for GHOSTLIGHT.  She and I have maintained wonderful rapport since that first meeting.  I see her as often as I can when she is performing, and we follow and comment on each other's social media. It's a wonderful time.

This rock and roll chick/ chanteuse/ Belter/ jazz diva is coming off of the Number 1 hit psychological thriller, SPLIT, with James McAvoy, available on DVD this week.  She is promoting her fabulous new double CD, STORY SONGS, available everywhere you get music.  This 2 Disc live performance, is a wonderful collection of songs that Ms. Buckley performs live.  She proves that no matter how great or small the venue,  she brings everything to her performance, and it is palpable in every track.

In this interview, Ms. Betty Lynn, has a chance to talk about her new CD, STORY SONGS, her musical influences, her appreciation of her other contributing artists, her activism as an artist, and her collaborations and embrace by some of theater's newest composers.  Ms Betty Lynn and I also had a wonderful bonding moment, where I was reminded that people's rejection is God's Protection.

She is amazingly passionate and so down to earth.  CLICK HERE to enjoy part 1 of my conversation, and CLICK HERE for Part 2 my conversation with amazing Tony Award winning goddess, Ms. Betty Buckley.

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Sunday, April 16, 2017

Let Keith Price Host the Tony Awards

Yesterday, a friend of mine tagged me in a tweet with an article that talked about the Tony Awards Broadcast not having a host, as of yet.  I have decided to throw my name in the hat.  For every good, theater loving American, there is a night that is so sacred, and the fact that we have moved into an apparent uncertainty because a host has not been announced, makes many of us concerned.  
This is not right. So as a show tune loving, award show needing, American, I feel I must throw my hat into the ring, because something has to change.  It is the Year of the Fan, Baby!!!!
Thank You Cinema Honey from Twitter .  You must follow her, too. 

Join the Campaign:

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Friday, April 14, 2017

Keith Price's Curtain Call M.V.P.- Irene Gandy

Most Valuable Player is one of those monikers that is not hard to use when I tell you about the Tony Award winning producer, press agent, living legend, and my fairy godmother, Irene Gandy.  I first met Ms. Gandy at what in retrospect was the denouement of my time at my previous place of employment. My very first national theatrical broadcast was a panel to handicap the Tony Awards that year.  Irene Gandy walked into my world like a Fabulosity Hurricane, bringing so much swagger and glamour that we had no choice but to become friends, and since that time, she has been a mentor, cheerleader, and sometimes surrogate mother to me.  She is valuable to me because she has been a supporter and a proponent of my work as not only an interviewer and theater commentator, but also as a comedian and host.  Anyone who really knows Miss Irene can confirm that she knows how to make an entrance, POW!!!!!!  

Miss Irene almost in every conversation somehow seems to remind me to always believe in myself just a little bit more.  The life lessons you can learn from just standing around her are amazing. In her almost 50 years of working in the theater, she has met just about everybody that is or has done ANYTHING in theater.  For all of my musical theater geeks, I must share one of my favorite, most recent moments of just "hanging out" with Queen Gandy, and I think that she will not have a problem with you referring to her in such a manner upon meeting.  
Irene Gandy on the Fame Wall at Sardi's

It happened after a little lunch at the legendary Sardi's.  As we were saying goodbye to the ever so dashing, managing partner of the historical eatery, Max, we leave and proceed to walk past the Shubert Theater, the current home to Hello Dolly with Bette Midler.  We see a former box office manager that worked with Miss Irene on some show 5 years ago, and then we ran into the security manager of another theater that she knew for about 15 years.  As we get closer to the theater, one of the street exit doors opens, and out pops 4x Tony Award winning director, Jerry Zaks.  He sees her first and says,  "Irene?" She says "OMG, Jerry! I haven't seen you in forever", and they hug and  just continue to converse.  Meanwhile in my blown mind, I am trying not to fly right out of Shubert Alley on a winged, rainbow unicorn, shooting glitter from its horn.  After a few minutes she introduces me to Mr, Zaks, and I pull it together enough to thank him for directing Sister Act, giving me my personal theme song, "Fabulous, Baby."  For me, that felt like the most balanced and witty comment that I could muster,  considering what was happening in my head.  For her, it was just a Tuesday, and one of the best things to witness was how each of those people, including Mr. Zaks, got the exact same kind of love, attention, and treatment from her.  From the top to the bottom of the chain, everyone who works in ALL aspects of the theatre business is important to her.  Thank you Queen Gandy aka Auntie Mame. 

Click HERE to hear my most recent conversation with Queen Gandy, as well as fellow MVP's Montego Glover, Orfeh, and recent Olivier Award winner, Andy Karl.

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Monday, April 10, 2017

Karen Mason and Paul Rolnick Are Gems

Many times when researching people for this podcast, I get a little nervous if I have never met them before the interview.  2x Drama Desk Award nominee, Karen Mason, and her Emmy Award winning husband composer/lyricist, Paul Rolnick, stopped by the Hangar Studios in NYC where I record, to jointly promote their respective CD's, It's About Time and Shoot For The Moon.   They completely put me at ease.  We have a wonderful chat about their individual projects that just so happen to have each other's creative energies crossover on both.  They share some of their tips on being married and in show business.  There's a great moment that I caught Karen listening as her husband spoke of her talent.  It really was so darn cute.  Karen Mason has performed all over the world and worked with AMAZING people, and while still creating for himself and his commerce, Paul still finds time to write great songs for Karen, too.

I had a great time getting to know some fabulous people, with great personal love and true admiration for each other and their respective talents.  Click Here to hear my conversation with the dynamic duo.  

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Saturday, April 8, 2017

Keith Price's Curtain Call M.V.P.- ORFEH & ANDY KARL

I realize that I am so blessed to have such amazing people who take time out of their busy lives and insane schedules to talk to me.  I am also blessed to know that when I had to start over, there are some people that did not miss a beat and answered my call for help. Now joining Montego Glover, the folks that I am also publicly thanking are truly the Most Valuable Players, because they are the same ones who helped to get this podcast off the ground.  I want to thank my darling friends, one of Broadway's HOTTEST Couples, THE ALWAYS LOOKING FIERCE ON A RED CARPET duo, Tony award nominees, Orfeh and additionally as of 4/9/17 Olivier Award Winning, Andy Karl.  I met them a few years ago in my previous work life.  Being a fan of the Broadway, I knew who they were instantly.

Orfeh came to talk about her CD that dropped, What Do You Want For Me.   It was instant love at first sight with Andy,  I mean Orfeh.  She and I became fast friends and Kiki buddies. Of course, if you are lucky enough to get Orfeh in your world, then you also get Andy.  I am very excited for him, because he is about to originate another leading man role on Broadway in the upcoming, GROUNDHOG DAY, reprising his Olivier award winning role during the World Premiere in the West End.

Once I knew the podcast was a go, I called and asked if they would grant me an interview.  The response was "of course we'll do it. Chile, you're family!"  As my first podcast, Andy and Orfeh, kickstarted my Act 2.  I will always be grateful.  Seeing them perform together is an absolute treat. They are the epitome of a loving, working, and supportive couple.  They are each other's biggest cheerleader, and it is alway a blast to watch them watch each other perform.

CLICK HERE to hear out all of my conversations with this dynamic and delicious duo.

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When Broadway Takes You to Church

The other day I was on the subway heading into the studio to record an interview, and I was getting my gospel LIFE.   It is not a surprise that at any given moment there is a show tune playing on my ipod.  On this particular day, the most delightful melange of Broadway songs randomly played in my head.  Having had the opportunity to see a lot of musical theater on Broadway, these songs brought back memories of being transported to a good old Black Baptist church with the amazing choir all, while sitting in a Broadway theater.  I have always said that in many ways, I worship at the Church of Broadway.  I guess that I should not be surprised about how the music was going to affect me.  Please consider that I am technically a backslider, when it comes to my church attendance.   If I get a hold of the latest cast recording of a show, or I find a classic cast recording at the library,  then I do feel a connection to the higher power that music gives me access within my own joyous spirit.

On this particular day, these songs reminded me of the moments that I heard them for the first time in the theatre.  I immediately returned to the big gospel events that I attended growing up in Texas. Some of those choirs truly can blow the roof off of the venue and get God on speed dial.  In a really weird way, I was having my own personal revival in my head.

 So the first song was Rise Up from Leap of Faith.  The sweet musical that luckily got a cast recording made.  To see this number live in the St. James Theater was pretty awesome.  Being a fan of the dreamy Raul Esparza makes me love this clip even more.  Ms. Kecia Lewis is everything in this clip.  I left this show hoping that the world would see how good it was, but most times, you can never predict what will work and thrive on Broadway.

Then the the next song that clicked into my ipod after this was "Make Me Stronger" from the Tony Award winning Best Musical MEMPHIS, available on DVD.  Now this song features friend to the podcast, Montego Glover, leading the choir.  Now I must confess that my home church's choir did not have the pizazz of this choir.  To be truthful, we were not the hippest of the scene and very traditional. There was no organized sway, much less a Run for Jesus moment, like the one Montego does in this clip.  I remember sitting in the audience on my birthday in Schubert Theater. When this number started, I could feel the hair rising on my arms, and the presence of something special was happening.  I did everything in my power to contain myself, because I knew that as sophisticated as NY audiences are, only a certain number of us know how deep a good gospel choir can get in you.  Before you know it, you are standing up in your seat, clapping, and saying stuff like "Sho Nuff" and "Yes Lawd!", and "Thank you Jesus!"  I only imagine that doing this number 8 shows a week, some audience member was touched by the spirit.  I know that I was. 

Of course, when you think the subway ride into Manhattan could not get any more sanctified, the song that sends me EVERY time from the Tony Award Winning Best Revival, The Color Purple also recent Grammy Award winning Broadway Cast Recording, is "Opening/Mysterious Ways".  Now when my friend Rema Webb and her fellow cast mates open this show, you cannot help to feel that worship is about to start at the 11am service.  I will say that the fact that there is also a teenager having apparently her second baby at the same time does not really deter from the energy,  and Tony and Grammy Award winning Cynthia Erivo does work a cloth.  She slays in the role of Miss Celie. When you really listen to those words of inspiration, and you think about how the story in Color Purple unfolds, you can see the power. It is also about how the simplicity of those voices, blended with the simplicity of sets and props, make you feel like you were in church and YES,  we are picking up Popeye's right after service. I know there is a handful of you that knows EXACTLY what that last sentence means.  You know that the Lord is with you if you can get that cajun rice side and those biscuits.   Happy Sunday!

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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Caesar Samayoa has the clap heard around the world in COME FROM AWAY.

Singer/Actor/Dancer Caesar Samayoa endeared me a few years ago as a thug with a heart of gold in Sister Act the musical.  He has continued to blossom and grow as a performer in so many different roles.  He is currently in the sleeper hit, COME FROM AWAY.  Like his fellow cast members, Caesar plays many roles, but in his cannon of characters, he plays a airline passenger that is at his last wits with a fellow passenger.  What follows is what some have called the CLAP of LIFE.  I did an entire string on Facebook with friends talking about how that one moment from this one actor made me laugh so hard, that I immediately had to find him and get him in the studio to talk to me about his career, his journey, and the CLAP HEARD ROUND THE WORLD.  Considering that until this interview, I had to own that I have been mispronouncing his last name: SAMA-YOA not SAMOYA. Am not sure WHY it was a problem, but I have since pulled it together. I had an absolutely fabulous time talking to Caesar, and I hope that we can become KiKi buddies, because I can only imagine what bottomless mimosa brunch with him will be like with him.

The best part about Caesar's presence on Broadway is just being a part of the newness of Broadway.
The beauty about the 2016-2017 Broadway Season is you never know what new show will catch the fancy of the theater going audiences.  So far the Great Comet and Dear Evan Hansen are leading the pack of the new shows that open the first half of the season and proven to have legs to make it to the big dance in June.  However,  Come From Away, with its musical presentation of human kindness at it utmost, not only captured my heart, but it also restored my excitement of watching a brand spanking new musical.  There are more shows coming like Amelie, Groundhog Day, War Paint, Anastasia, plus revivals. Which means there are new cast recordings to come.  I cannot wait for them, but in the interim, please CLICK HERE to enjoy my fantastic conversation with the adorable Caesar Samayoa.

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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Most Valuable Player: Montego Glover

After celebrating the Top 20 Most Popular Episodes from the First Year of the podcast, I realized that there were certain episodes with people that may have not made the list, but on a personal note the upcoming people that will be featured over the next few weeks will be known as my Most Valuable Players.  Tony Award nominated actress (she was robbed), Montego Glover, is one of this podcast's most valuable persons.  I have been so lucky in my life to create great connections with fabulous people like Montego.
Turning me out in MEMPHIS.
#PeriodRealness in THE ROYALE

When my life changed over a year ago and I had to start recreating myself,  this podcast was the first idea out of the box.  I contacted Montego and asked if she could come by and be a guest.  She was in a new play, The Royale, and without hesitation, she agreed to be my first in studio guest.  I had interviewed Montego in the past at my previous platform, and since that very first interview, I knew that I had made a new girlfriend.  From the moment that I heard her sing "Colored Woman" and "Make Me Stronger" in Memphis, I instantly had to know her.  She walked into my new studio home with me for the first time, and I will ALWAYS be grateful. 

Ms. Glover is currently serving up Master Class performances alongside Tony Award winner, Victoria Clark, in the World Premiere Toronto production of SOUSATZKA, until April 9, 2017. There are sights set for Broadway soon.   I have managed to get yet another conversation with Montego.  Her kindness and friendship have been so helpful in getting this podcast off the ground, and this is just a public Thank You to her.  Click here to hear my most recent conversation with her in her final week of performances in Toronto.  To hear our other previous moments together, CLICK HERE

Montego Glover & Victoria Clark in SOUSATKA

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Saturday, April 1, 2017

Tony Award winning actor, singer/songwriter, Levi Kreis, sings Broadway tunes his way, baby!

Whenever there is a chance to chat with Tony Award winning, actor/singer/songwriter, Levi Kreis, you must take it. He is one of those people that whenever we talk, I always feel more inspired and more connected to my personal spirit.  When his publicist sent me information on his latest CD release, Broadway At The Keys, I did squeal a little.  Having been a fan of Levi Kreis and his music long before his Tony Award winning performance in Million Dollar Quartet, I welcomed his entrance onto Broadway.  I also relish and trust his artistry enough to enjoy anything that he presents.

BROADWAY AT THE KEYS, marks Levi's 7th personal studio album.  He displays what every great singer/musician has, the ability to make a song his own.  He takes some of Broadway's best moments and gives them his signature stamp with his beautiful piano stylings coupled with his soulful tones.  He's chosen a wonderful selection of songs that include from Pippin, "Corner of the Sky", from Finding Neverland, "Neverland", and from Sondheim's Sweeney Todd, "Not While I'm Around".  He wraps his beautiful tone on these lyrics,  and you cannot help but melt.  If you are already a fan of Levi's, then this CD is waiting for you.  If you have not yet discovered Levi, then this is your time to get with the program. Please enjoy my conversation with the fabulous, Tony Award Winning, Levi Kreis.

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