Monday, July 3, 2017


Hey there, thank you so much for following my blog, podcast, comedy, and whatever shenanigans that I find myself bringing you guys along with me for the ride.  I recently spent a long weekend in Seattle.  I was asked to be an officiant for my dear friend, Lonnie, and his husband Eric's wedding.  I will admit that my nerves got me through something so beautiful and nerve-wracking all at the same time. Normally, I reserve the blog as a space to remind you of the current podcast, hopefully with some theater personalities, creatives, or technicians.  From time to time, I do reserve the right to change up the format a little, and I wanted to do it with this beautiful wedding. 

I have a very special connection to the great city of Seattle.  On April 17, 1993, my first visit,  I officially came out of the closet and began my journey into a brave new LGBTQIALMNOP world in Seattle.  The second visit to Seattle, was due to my friend and Groom 1, Lonnie, who directed the Award Winning Documentary, Ebony Chunky Love: Bitch Can't Get A Date!, featuring me.   We kicked off what was an AMAZING LGBT Film Festival Circuit in 2007.  It was another celebration of being out.  This last visit, proved to be the most significant one.  24 years since my first confused visit, I have returned not only as an officiant to a wedding of my dear friends, but also during Gay Pride Weekend.  It truly was a full circle, rule of 3's ( for my comic friends), kind of experience.  Like in other experiences, I made new friends, added to my chosen extended family, and for the first time ever that I could remember in a long time,  I was filled by nothing but love and joy.   If you want to see not only my other pics on social media, put #twodudessayido in your search.
Seattle's Famous Needle 
Pike Place Market
Me with the grooms minutes before the ceremony
Another Sister, Ms. Yvette.
The Kids, Jarod, Jonathan, and Clarissa with their new Guncle and Roastess with the Mostess, Stephanie McClung, aka Comedienne in Waiting.
Lonnie and I celebrating another milestone together as friends. 
First Dance Together
Showing some Pride in Seattle.

Rehearsal Dinner with Clarissa, Jarod, and momma,Yvette.

Clarissa does know it all!

Jonathan has no fears. He knows who he is, and it is not what YOU think.


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