Sunday, August 27, 2017

Sheldon & Margery Harnick on the Keith Price's Curtain Call

Me just hanging in the Harnick's Living Room. (photo credit Sean Katz) 
There are always moments that happen in your life that make you take pause and assess exactly where, what, and how they manifest.  Last week, I get an email asking if I would like to interview the great, multi-award winning (Pulitzer Prize, Tony, Grammy, etc) lyricist, Sheldon Harnick and his wife, celebrated Photographer, actress, singer, dancer, Margery Harnick, about her book of photography that she has done with their son, Matthew.  What do you say? Um, Yeah?

For those of you who know me, you know that I may have maintained a somewhat professional demeanor, but I was doing somersaults inside.  This was an honor to chat with them both.  Here are some clips from the interview.   If you are already a subscriber AND a podcast supporter through Patreon, then you have probably heard some if not all of the interview by now.  If you are a subscriber to the podcast, then the interview will be available later this week, 8/30/17.  If you are not a subscriber nor a patron to the podcast, then SUBSCRIBE FREE to KEITH PRICE'S CURTAIN CALL on Itunes and Google Play Music,  YOU TUBE and leave a review.  Click the image below to Support Keith Price's Curtain Call Podcast.

Thanks for listening, and stay tuned this week for my conversation with the amazing Sheldon Harnick and his equally amazing and fabulous wife, Margery.  Thank you so much for your support on all fronts. 

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