Friday, September 22, 2017

James Sampliner is a Hip Cat

Of course to use some of the phrases like the "cats pajamas" or "hip cat", feels like something from the beatnik period, but highly sought after Music Producer/Conductor/Arranger, James Sampliner, is exactly that.  I first met James when he was the musical director for Tony Award nominated actor, Rob McClure's show, SMILE.  I quickly learned of his work and relationship with the world of Musical Theater.  His relationship with some of Broadway's most talented people is extensive.  His most recent collaboration with Grammy and Tony Award winning music producer, actor, singer, director, playwright, Billy Porter, on The Soul of Richard Rogers is AMAZING.

Currently he is the Assistant Conductor for the show, PRINCE OF BROADWAY.  Which, if you are keeping up with me, then you know already know how much I LOVE that show, too.  He talks about some of his favorite memories of meeting Stephen Sondheim, working for Hal Prince, and so much more.   The names that are swirling in his rolodex (I know old school) are enough to make any Broadway lover faint.  Please enjoy my 2 part conversation with the fabulous, James Sampliner.

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