Thursday, April 12, 2018

Playwright Phillip Dawkins' THE GENTLEMAN CALLER makes NYC Debut AFTER and During the Run of Its World Premiere in Chicago.

Philip Dawkins
Any actor worth their salt will tell you that every great play begins with the words on the page.  Because of the worlds that playwrights (and Librettists) create, many people, even more than actors,  have jobs inside and outside of the theater.  So any chance to talk to a young playwright as delightful and talented as Chicago-based playwright, Philip Dawkins, I will take.  His current opus, The Gentleman Caller is currently in rehearsals to make its New York debut at Cherry Lane Theater, as it coincides with its simultaneous World Premiere production, still running at Chicago's The Raven Theater, through May 27, 2018.

I had never met a playwright who has a single property that will be running simultaneously in 2 major theater cities.  It might be a first.  I will have to check, but on the great white way, only Neil Simon in 1966 is the only living playwright that had four shows playing in Broadway theaters at the same time: Sweet Charity, The Star-Spangled Girl, The Odd Couple and Barefoot in the Park.

The Gentleman Caller also takes a non traditional casting route to tell the story of 2 famous playwrights, Tennessee Williams and William Inge, at a very different time in their careers.  In the Chicago production:  Rudy Galvan as Tennessee Williams
and Curtis Edward Jackson as William Inge, and for the NY production, Daniel K. Isaac and Juan Francisco Villa in the same roles respectively.  This is a great time to be Philip Dawkins.  Please click HERE and enjoy my conversation with him.  

For tickets and more information about The Gentleman Caller:


Chicago: Rudy Galvan and Curtis Edward Jackson

Daniel K. Isaacs and Juan Francisco Villa
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