Wednesday, May 17, 2017

RODNEY HICKS Celebrates Gratitude, Kindness, and Generosity In Life and Onstage in COME FROM AWAY

Considering the current climate that this country seems to find itself, it is safe to assume that when you see the celebrated and award winning, multi-Tony Award nominated, hit show, Come From Away, you cannot help but to feel as if your faith in human beings and the capacity to just be good to each other is completely restored.  Rodney Hicks is one of the celebrated actors in this piece, and like with the entire cast, I am blown away by his talent and work in this show.  After my chat with Caesar Samayoa, I knew that I had to have Rodney, and I am not even gonna pretend that I am not begging for Jenn Colella and the rest of that amazing cast, too.  Primarily, because I do not think that this story could be told without these amazing talents.  My goal will be to feature the entire cast on this podcast.

The best part about my chat with Rodney is that it's more than an interview.  It really is a conversation.  We talk about some of the real issues that made for some great humor for his main character, as well as, what it means to take in moments of gratitude.  He also talks about how this show has been such a present to his life in so many ways.  Click HERE to listen to this fabulous actor from a fabulous show.

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