Thursday, March 23, 2017

Top 20 Most Popular Episodes Year 1 #7- Jeffrey Scot Phillips

As we continue our push to number one on the Keith Price's Curtain Call Top 20 Most Popular Episodes Countdown, we are taking a moment at the Number 7 position to spend some time with someone not connected to theater at all. The popularity of this podcast surprised me because I did not think that people would even care.  Now I know that people who like this theater based podcast also enjoy more than just theater talk.   This book , Big Fat Food Fraud, written by nutritionist and health food entrepreneur,Jeff Scot Phillips was given to me by my friend Judith Regan, after she heard me rambling on about the calorie count on some faux fabulous healthy food thing I was eating in front of her.  She handed me this book and dropped the mic as she exited the office kitchen area.  She is fierce. 

I read the book,  and I really could not put it down. I made the decision that I wanted to talk to him.  I was fascinated about how we are being preyed upon by the corporate nature of the Fitness and Nutrition industry AT the expense of our health. Also,  I was fascinated about the time that it took him to decide to tell the truth, once he discovered where and how he fit in the machinations of perpetuating the fraud.  He is absolutely forthcoming and honest, and he has a good sense of humor, because I had to show out a little.  Click Here to hear our conversation. 

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