Monday, March 27, 2017

Top 20 Most Popular Episodes Year 1 Number 3: Giuseppe Bausilio

Here we are at the Top 3 position of the Keith Price's Curtain Call Countdown of Top 20 Most Popular Episodes of Year One.  Sitting absolutely pretty in this seat is the adorable Giuseppe Bausilio.  When he walked into the studio with his mother and publicist for our interview, he lit up the room with his smile and his infectious positive energy.  He just finished his run in ALADDIN and was soon to start his run in CATS.  During the early portion of the run with CATS, he was diagnosed with a spinal tumor that was going to require surgery and tons of physical rehabilitation. He kept us all abreast of everything via his social media, and has since been recovering.  We even saw each other at the Broadway Cares Flea Market, and he was with his mom and dad.  I must admit that this young man is probably the most charming thing ever.  I know that his fans were responsible for getting him up the countdown, and also sending him those positive loving vibes that Giuseppe radiates to anyone in his sphere.  CLICK HERE to hear our wonderful conversation. 

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