Monday, March 13, 2017

My Full Interview with the Legendary Dionne Warwick.

When someone asks, would you be interested in interviewing Dionne Warwick? How should one respond?  Um…Yeah! That is a ridiculous question.  Of course, you do the interview.

 In addition to being a 5x Grammy Award winner, a multi-platinum and gold album selling recording artist, she has been an HIV/AIDS activist since the 80's, and she is still fighting today. Her latest Public Service Announcement in conjunction with HIV/AIDS Awareness organization ACRIA, shows exactly that advocacy.  I have to admit that it was hard to hold it together talking to her, because in my head I was singing the words to one of my favorite 80’s Dionne Classic DÉJÀ VU.  Please notice how I sneak it in. LOL.  Click Here to hear my interview with the amazing Dionne Warwick.  

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