Monday, March 13, 2017

Top 20 Most Popular Episodes in Year 1: #17- 2x Tony Award Winning, living legend, Chita Rivera.

As the Top 20 Most Popular Episodes of Year 1 continues,  #17's entry is the one and only, 2x Tony Award winning, living legend, Ms. Chita Rivera.  She took a little time out of her stroll down the red carpet for the 2016 Drama Desk Awards, and chatted with me about still making it POP, at her age.  That pic of Chita and I was taken outside the stage door of her show The Dancer's Life in 2005.   I was holding a pic of the first time that we met almost 8 years prior.  Even though we chatted briefly, I must say that she is truly one of my favorite people to have ever met.  I am hoping to have a much longer conversation with her.  Hopefully, we can add another level to this picture.  Click Here to hear my moment with a true, gracious, living legend.  

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