Sunday, March 26, 2017

Top 20 Most Popular Episodes Year 1 Number 4: Reeve Carney, Victoria Justice, and Ryan McCartan

Wow, we are in the final four of the Keith Price's Curtain Call's Top 20 Most Popular Episodes Year 1.  I felt my inner teenage fan girl make an appearance.  When I was asked to cover the new Rocky Horror Picture Show that was on Fox last October.  It had major fan girl faves
including the gorgeous TV Star Victoria Justice,  TV Star and Broadway performer Reeve Carney, and TV hunk Ryan McCartan. There were many things said about the film remake of the classic, but one thing cannot be denied, these young people gave their all, and talking to them was absolutely fantastic.  I think their individual fan bases may have contributed to their rise to the final four.  In any case, I really adored getting to share a great moment with some pretty awesome folks. CLICK HERE to hear our conversations.
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