Sunday, April 2, 2017

Most Valuable Player: Montego Glover

After celebrating the Top 20 Most Popular Episodes from the First Year of the podcast, I realized that there were certain episodes with people that may have not made the list, but on a personal note the upcoming people that will be featured over the next few weeks will be known as my Most Valuable Players.  Tony Award nominated actress (she was robbed), Montego Glover, is one of this podcast's most valuable persons.  I have been so lucky in my life to create great connections with fabulous people like Montego.
Turning me out in MEMPHIS.
#PeriodRealness in THE ROYALE

When my life changed over a year ago and I had to start recreating myself,  this podcast was the first idea out of the box.  I contacted Montego and asked if she could come by and be a guest.  She was in a new play, The Royale, and without hesitation, she agreed to be my first in studio guest.  I had interviewed Montego in the past at my previous platform, and since that very first interview, I knew that I had made a new girlfriend.  From the moment that I heard her sing "Colored Woman" and "Make Me Stronger" in Memphis, I instantly had to know her.  She walked into my new studio home with me for the first time, and I will ALWAYS be grateful. 

Ms. Glover is currently serving up Master Class performances alongside Tony Award winner, Victoria Clark, in the World Premiere Toronto production of SOUSATZKA, until April 9, 2017. There are sights set for Broadway soon.   I have managed to get yet another conversation with Montego.  Her kindness and friendship have been so helpful in getting this podcast off the ground, and this is just a public Thank You to her.  Click here to hear my most recent conversation with her in her final week of performances in Toronto.  To hear our other previous moments together, CLICK HERE

Montego Glover & Victoria Clark in SOUSATKA

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