Saturday, April 8, 2017

Keith Price's Curtain Call M.V.P.- ORFEH & ANDY KARL

I realize that I am so blessed to have such amazing people who take time out of their busy lives and insane schedules to talk to me.  I am also blessed to know that when I had to start over, there are some people that did not miss a beat and answered my call for help. Now joining Montego Glover, the folks that I am also publicly thanking are truly the Most Valuable Players, because they are the same ones who helped to get this podcast off the ground.  I want to thank my darling friends, one of Broadway's HOTTEST Couples, THE ALWAYS LOOKING FIERCE ON A RED CARPET duo, Tony award nominees, Orfeh and additionally as of 4/9/17 Olivier Award Winning, Andy Karl.  I met them a few years ago in my previous work life.  Being a fan of the Broadway, I knew who they were instantly.

Orfeh came to talk about her CD that dropped, What Do You Want For Me.   It was instant love at first sight with Andy,  I mean Orfeh.  She and I became fast friends and Kiki buddies. Of course, if you are lucky enough to get Orfeh in your world, then you also get Andy.  I am very excited for him, because he is about to originate another leading man role on Broadway in the upcoming, GROUNDHOG DAY, reprising his Olivier award winning role during the World Premiere in the West End.

Once I knew the podcast was a go, I called and asked if they would grant me an interview.  The response was "of course we'll do it. Chile, you're family!"  As my first podcast, Andy and Orfeh, kickstarted my Act 2.  I will always be grateful.  Seeing them perform together is an absolute treat. They are the epitome of a loving, working, and supportive couple.  They are each other's biggest cheerleader, and it is alway a blast to watch them watch each other perform.

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