Thursday, April 20, 2017

Birthday Broadway Pick Me Up

So, I woke up today to the realization that my 40's are officially OVER!!! As I mulled over the final year of my forties, I had to own that things are not exactly where I thought they would be.  In some moments of deep panic, I retreated to the 2 places that I love the most: the theater and the comedy stage.   Both have been the comfort that make 50 years of living manageable, and hopefully another 50 years to come.  I also have been asked when I need a Broadway Pick Me Up, what do I grab first.  It is a toss up of these in no particular order.   Elaine Stritch's rendition of "I'm Still Here" gets me every time.  This song belongs to her.  However, I do enjoy Betty Buckley's version, but even she admits that this song belongs to her dear friend.    Of course, when I need a 70's dip moment, I never tire of "But Alive" from APPLAUSE.  It's just too groovy to be real.  It certainly puts a kick in my step when I need to be reminded that sometimes "and this too shall pass", when things feel rocky.  Since I got the chance to thank Jerry Zaks for directing a musical with my theme song, I have not been right.  Patina Miller's version of "Fabulous, Baby!" from Sister Act, plays on a loop inside my head anyway, but sometimes I love having it actually playing in my ipod, too.  Please Enjoy.  And even though it is not originally a Broadway show tune, I cannot lie and say that I Will Survive has not been on a loop, too.  I love Diana Ross' version, and also visit Aretha Franklin's when you get a chance.   So if you find yourself in a little bit of a pickle, consider these my Broadway Pick Me Ups, to get you through the day.  I have more, and they will be coming.  Thank you for the Birthday Love.

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