Saturday, April 1, 2017

Tony Award winning actor, singer/songwriter, Levi Kreis, sings Broadway tunes his way, baby!

Whenever there is a chance to chat with Tony Award winning, actor/singer/songwriter, Levi Kreis, you must take it. He is one of those people that whenever we talk, I always feel more inspired and more connected to my personal spirit.  When his publicist sent me information on his latest CD release, Broadway At The Keys, I did squeal a little.  Having been a fan of Levi Kreis and his music long before his Tony Award winning performance in Million Dollar Quartet, I welcomed his entrance onto Broadway.  I also relish and trust his artistry enough to enjoy anything that he presents.

BROADWAY AT THE KEYS, marks Levi's 7th personal studio album.  He displays what every great singer/musician has, the ability to make a song his own.  He takes some of Broadway's best moments and gives them his signature stamp with his beautiful piano stylings coupled with his soulful tones.  He's chosen a wonderful selection of songs that include from Pippin, "Corner of the Sky", from Finding Neverland, "Neverland", and from Sondheim's Sweeney Todd, "Not While I'm Around".  He wraps his beautiful tone on these lyrics,  and you cannot help but melt.  If you are already a fan of Levi's, then this CD is waiting for you.  If you have not yet discovered Levi, then this is your time to get with the program. Please enjoy my conversation with the fabulous, Tony Award Winning, Levi Kreis.

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  1. Thanks Keith! I'm certain that Tennessee boy has a few more songs up his sleeve--easily enough for a BATK TWO! And just as personal and true. This album in the meantime is more than brilliant.

  2. Thank you. Levi is pretty amazing. Glad you enjoyed the interview.