Friday, April 21, 2017

LENA HALL: Tony Award winning, Lena Hall on her latest project and more.

When hanging out with the super talented, uber busy, Tony Award winning, Grammy nominated actress and singer, Lena Hall, currently playing Pip in How To Transcend A Happy Marriage at the Mitzi Newhouse Theater in Lincoln Center, I learned a lot about this powerhouse vocalist. She is quite an accomplished young woman, who has paid her dues.  After our conversation, I felt as if I were about 15 years younger, she and I would have been total HS BFF's.

She talks about her new play, as well as, her legendary star turn as Hedwig, in the National Touring Company of  Hedwig and The Angry Inch.  She also talks a little about her process and the origins of that amazing voice, and some of the various music projects that she continues to do with her insane schedule.    CLICK HERE to hear my fun and fantastic chat with the amazing Ms. Lena Hall.

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