Monday, April 10, 2017

Karen Mason and Paul Rolnick Are Gems

Many times when researching people for this podcast, I get a little nervous if I have never met them before the interview.  2x Drama Desk Award nominee, Karen Mason, and her Emmy Award winning husband composer/lyricist, Paul Rolnick, stopped by the Hangar Studios in NYC where I record, to jointly promote their respective CD's, It's About Time and Shoot For The Moon.   They completely put me at ease.  We have a wonderful chat about their individual projects that just so happen to have each other's creative energies crossover on both.  They share some of their tips on being married and in show business.  There's a great moment that I caught Karen listening as her husband spoke of her talent.  It really was so darn cute.  Karen Mason has performed all over the world and worked with AMAZING people, and while still creating for himself and his commerce, Paul still finds time to write great songs for Karen, too.

I had a great time getting to know some fabulous people, with great personal love and true admiration for each other and their respective talents.  Click Here to hear my conversation with the dynamic duo.  

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