Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Caesar Samayoa has the clap heard around the world in COME FROM AWAY.

Singer/Actor/Dancer Caesar Samayoa endeared me a few years ago as a thug with a heart of gold in Sister Act the musical.  He has continued to blossom and grow as a performer in so many different roles.  He is currently in the sleeper hit, COME FROM AWAY.  Like his fellow cast members, Caesar plays many roles, but in his cannon of characters, he plays a airline passenger that is at his last wits with a fellow passenger.  What follows is what some have called the CLAP of LIFE.  I did an entire string on Facebook with friends talking about how that one moment from this one actor made me laugh so hard, that I immediately had to find him and get him in the studio to talk to me about his career, his journey, and the CLAP HEARD ROUND THE WORLD.  Considering that until this interview, I had to own that I have been mispronouncing his last name: SAMA-YOA not SAMOYA. Am not sure WHY it was a problem, but I have since pulled it together. I had an absolutely fabulous time talking to Caesar, and I hope that we can become KiKi buddies, because I can only imagine what bottomless mimosa brunch with him will be like with him.

The best part about Caesar's presence on Broadway is just being a part of the newness of Broadway.
The beauty about the 2016-2017 Broadway Season is you never know what new show will catch the fancy of the theater going audiences.  So far the Great Comet and Dear Evan Hansen are leading the pack of the new shows that open the first half of the season and proven to have legs to make it to the big dance in June.  However,  Come From Away, with its musical presentation of human kindness at it utmost, not only captured my heart, but it also restored my excitement of watching a brand spanking new musical.  There are more shows coming like Amelie, Groundhog Day, War Paint, Anastasia, plus revivals. Which means there are new cast recordings to come.  I cannot wait for them, but in the interim, please CLICK HERE to enjoy my fantastic conversation with the adorable Caesar Samayoa.

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